Covered Yarn Comparison

Feature comparison

Core advantage Achieves a balance between cost and quality Excellent coverage quality Economic benefits Natural-like hand feeling
Technology An advanced electronic monitoring system, half a century of technological advances, and parameterization from big data analysis
Applicable range of elasticity 15D~280D 15D~2240D 15D~140D 15D~140D
Applicable types of yarn All yarn types are suitable
Visual appearance A uniform appearance of the covered yarn Air jet technique form balls covered in the elastic yarn The appearance is adjusted according to customer requirements, and is manufactured in a similar way to natural materials
Applications Knit/Woven Fabric, Socks, Gusset Yarn for Seamless Underwear, Tape, Women’s Bottom Seamless Garment, Compression Stocks, Weft-knitted Uppers Warp-knitted Uppers, Circular-knitted Uppers, Weft-knitted Uppers, Knit/Woven Fabric, Women’s Bottom Casual Socks, Yarn for Knit/Woven Fabric
Lead time 2 weeks 3 weeks 4–5 days 1 week

Advantage comparison

※Note: Quality refers to the coverage of covered yarn in general.