The professional covering technique makes durable hosiery, and creates the hosiery new value

High elasticity quality
Hsin Jung Fiber uses the covering technique based on electronic technology to produce durable elastic hosiery with consistently high quality; customers can constantly perceive the value of the products.
Value creation
Over the past 40 years, Hsin Jung Fiber has dedicated itself to product development and parameter analysis, and is therefore able to provide suggestions on the development of multifunctional yarns according to body mapping. We can strongly support the value enhancement of hosiery.
New cotton-like soft feeling
Hsin Jung Fiber develops economical and efficient novel processes for manufacturing hosiery that features a comfortable cotton-like feeling. The shade and hand feeling of the hosiery are superior to those of traditional cotton. This can stimulate the development and application of comfortable hosiery and boost business opportunities, thus creating a new blueprint for marketing and promotion.